Hi, I'm Ethan Davis.

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About me

I'm Ethan. Nice to meet you.

I'm a high school student in California. (I'm currently 16 years old.)

When I'm not busy studying for AP classes, I'm usually developing products and services for businesses, consumers, and developers.

Node.js development

I'm a Node developer. I love working on modular code and I believe that JS is the future of modularity.

Here're a few of my more recent Node projects.

phin is the new lightweight HTTP client library for Node.JS

Vaxic is the lightweight Node.JS web framework for building next-gen web services

hitched is a lightweight Git hooks bundling library for Node packages

Business development

I've worked with (and created) a few companies in the past to work on building consumer and business-facing systems for companies in all kinds of fields.

Most recently, I've been working with esourceful, a worldwide consulting firm working on backend systems for payment processing and computing hardware companies.

At esourceful, I actively work as a senior developer and marketing manager.

Computer graphics

I love doing graphic design stuff.

I work with all kinds of professional creative software to make pretty things. (ex. the logos for my GitHub repositories!)

Startup culture

I'm constantly working on new ventures.

My ongoing projects range from internet AI-enhanced biometrics platforms to social networking apps.

Video editing

I've done some video editing in the past for company socials and personal work. A glimpse into my older editing projects is available on my old YouTube channel.

Web design & development

I'm super into building webapps, games, and other things with technologies like Node, Docker, Vaxic, and Electron.